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Why Ab Rollers Don't Reduce Belly Fat

Do you want to reduce belly fat? If so, you have probably heard of ab rollers.

Like many of the other miracle exercise gadgets that have come along over the years, ab rollers make big promises. Ab rollers promise that they can quickly help you reduce belly fat and get those washboard abs you've always wanted.

But do ab rollers really work?

What are the Positives of Using Ab Rollers?

According to manufacturers, this piece of exercise equipment is the best thing you could use to give your abs a workout. And, when you look at the claims, ab rollers do seem promising.

These are some of the claimed benefits of ab rollers.

1. Ab rollers help you maintain the proper position when doing an ab exercise. With ab exercises, form really does matter. If you do an exercise incorrectly, it won't have the same benefits as doing the exercise the right way.

2. Ab rollers have a headrest that takes the strain off of your neck. It seems like most ab exercises require you to lay on your back and lift your head and shoulders off of the floor, which can cause strain to your neck.

3. Ab rollers take some of the strain off of your back. There are some ab exercises some people simply cannot do because they have lower back problems, and those ab exercises would put more stress on their already strained back. Ab rollers help with that problem.

While there seem to be a lot of things in favor of ab rollers, the negatives seem to outweigh them.

Ab Rollers and Neck Support

While having something to support your neck while doing ab exercises might sound like a good thing, it actually makes your ab workout less effective.

Lifting your head and shoulders off of the floor yourself when doing an abdominal exercise is part of what makes it work. It helps to tighten and work out those abs. If it wasn't an important step, countless ab exercises wouldn't require you to do it. Instead, they would allow you to let your head and shoulders remain resting on the floor.

Using an ab roller is very much like leaving your head resting on the floor. Having something to support your head decreases the effectiveness of your abdominal workout. Which will make your quest to reduce belly fat a long, slow one.

Ab Rollers Don't Work

If the design of ab rollers wasn't problematic enough, another big problem is that they just don't work. Using an ab roller won't reduce belly fat or tighten your abs faster than doing an ab workout without an ab roller. In fact, this exercise equipment can actually slow down your progress.

Many users of ab rollers have found that using them to do ab exercises like basic crunches isn't any more effective than doing basic crunches without any help. In fact, many find doing basic crunches without an ab roller actually works better, perhaps because your body has to do all of the work, and you have to focus and concentrate on proper position and form.

An ab roller might make your ab exercises a little easier because the device does a lot of the work for you. But ab rollers won't make your ab workout more effective, or do a better job of helping reduce belly fat.


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