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Are There Any Shortcuts To A Flat & Sexy Stomach?

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The Truth about Lower Abdominal Exercises

So what is the truth about lower abdominal exercises? Do they really work?

Yes, lower abdominal exercises do work, but only if you do them the right way. And, if want to develop washboard abs, there are things you have to do along with lower abdominal exercises to achieve that goal.

The Benefits of Lower Abdominal Exercises

There are a lot of benefits to doing lower abdominal exercises, and having a flatter stomach and tighter abs is just one of them.

Having stronger lower abdominal muscles also adds strength and support to the lower back, hips, spine, and pelvis, which could make performing everyday tasks easier. This is a benefit everyone, including those who are on their feet all day, will appreciate.

Also, lower abdominal exercises can help burn off abdominal fat, which is good for your overall health. Those with excess abdominal fat are more likely to develop serious health problems, like diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

Lower Abdominal Exercises Might Not Be Enough

It's true that lower abdominal exercises can help flatten your stomach, tone your abs, and burn off some of your excess abdominal fat. But if you want ripped, washboard abs, lower abdominal exercises might not be enough.

You can do lower abdominal exercises every day, all day long, and have tight and toned ab muscles. But, unless you get rid of the layer of fat covering those muscles, no one will be able to see the washboard you've worked so hard for.

To get rid of that layer of belly fat, you have to burn more fat, which means consuming fewer calories than your body burns.

A good way to do this is to eat a healthier, more well-balanced diet. Instead of eating three big meals a day, eat several smaller meals throughout the day, about every two to three hours or so. And, when looking for a snack, skip the high calorie options, and choose a healthy snack with fewer calories.

Lower Abdominal Exercises Must Be Done the Right Way

When doing lower abdominal exercises, form is important. Doing lower abdominal exercises the wrong way can make them half as effective as they would be if done correctly. Which means it will take you even longer to achieve a flat stomach and washboard abs. Doing these exercises incorrectly could also put undo strain on your neck or lower back.

Before you do a new, lower abdominal exercise, make sure you know how to do it correctly, and clearly understand all of the positions you will have to assume during the exercise.

When doing lower abdominal exercises, concentrate on maintaining the proper form. If, in the middle of an exercise, you realize you aren't doing it right, stop and start over again.

The fact that you are so focused on doing a lower abdominal exercise correctly will actually help to make the exercise more effective.

Lower abdominal exercises do work. They can help you get the flatter stomach and washboard abs you want. But they work best if you change your diet to burn off excess body fat, and focus on doing the lower abdominal exercises correctly.


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